Elevator Phones

Switch from dedicated landlines today!

Elevator phones are a mandatory feature when considering installing an elevator on your property. Should an emergency occur, passengers can push one simple button to reach out to a monitoring station and request aid. The monitoring station will then be able to instantly gather the details of where the emergency is located, what the emergency is, and how to properly respond.

Add Your Heading Text HereCellevator utilizes Verizon Wireless LTE to ensure that this all happens quickly and efficiently so that no loss of life has to occur. We spare no expense when considering the lives and safety of others, but we also don't overcharge for the same or even worse service of others. We believe that there shouldn't be an impossibly high price tag associated with a life-saving technology. Switch to Cellevator today!

With that being said, we want dealers to get a leg up and we offer monthly payments at a rate of $20/month as opposed to $40/month. The more lines you buy, the easier it is to save! We offer Shared Data so that if one of your lines goes over the monthly limit, those overages can be reallocated to your lines that haven't gone over, saving you from being charged for over drafting.

Example of Data Overages being Reallocated